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Pretty Wings

Pretty Wings

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šš‘š„š“š“š˜ š–šˆšš†š’Ā  is the style that has ALL THE FLUFF. You gotta be bold to wear her.Ā 

š‹š„šš†š“š‡; 20mm

š‹šˆš…š„ š’šš€š; 15-20 wears

š„š…š…š„š‚š“š’; Multi-Dimensional, Fluffy, Wispy

š’š“š˜š‹š„;Ā  Medium Volume

š“š˜šš„; Mink Strip Lashes

š‹š€š’š‡ šš€ššƒ; Lightweight thick, flexible,Ā  Thick cotton band for easy application.

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