Get to know The Pretti Shop LLC and the founder, Imani, on a journey to create a powerful and "pretty" community and grow her brand!


  1 thing for sure is to understand the importance of loving your business and what you sell. My business is something I am VERY passionate about. For my pretty girls who hustle and my passion for setting and living a luxurious lifestyle and also promoting self confidence. (If your man won't show you off, you know I'm on a mission to raise the bar for society's unrealistic beauty standards & representation on black females and female entrepreneurs. The goal... to make an impact while making an income.


Here, I am DEDICATED to giving you the BEST & PRETTIEST products while focusing on quality & representation. Black women remain outsiders to leadership and business opportunities in entrepreneurship... 

There is a vision for this brand that will be executed slowly but surely!

We're always taking the steps we need to take to grow effectively.

Join the PrettiMobb, the girls love it here!


Don’t forget to show off and tag us in your posts with your Pretti Products. @ThePrettiShop_ on instagram! 

xo, P retti Girl Mani